Broadband, E-mail, Network Setup

Setting up broadband and wireless networks. Configuring e-mail accounts and security.

Fast and Easy Broadband, network and E-Mail setup

A fast broadband setup. Install and configure the router. Setup wireless security and network multiple computers so they can share resources such as backup storage and printers.

Telephone and network cabling

Broadband works best for speed and reliability from the first telephone point to the property. We can run Ethernet cable to any part of the property for fast secure broadband supply. We can also improve the speed of your broadband by isolating the no longer used bell wires that run in pre circa 1990 properties. These wires are not needed for telephone systems anymore and create echo on the line which affects your broadband performance.

Help getting started

After setting up and networking your broadband we can help you to:

  • Setup and send E-Mail
  • Setup and use Skype to make online calls
  • Connect any peripherals and devices like printers and cameras
  • Get you started on social networking like Twitter and Facebook
  • Setup a backup system so your data will be protected
We don't have to stop there with our ongoing Help

We can continue to provide help and assistance for all the things you would like to do on a computer like:

  • Editing phots and photos albums
  • Creating presentations and letters
  • How to connect and share with family and friends
  • Surf the web faster and safer

If you would like assistance with dealing with any of the issues please Contacts Us