Data Recovery

Recovering lost files from a failed hard drive involves several techniques depending on the type of failure. While most recoveries are no more than about £50, serious failure can run to hundreds of pounds.

Causes and solutions data loss and data recovery

The first thing to consider here is how to protect your data from loss or corruption before a problem occurs.

Data protection Methods

By far the best data protection system today is online backup. This type of backup works in the background in real time and not only protects against data corruption and loss but also the risk of loosing valuable files like photos and documents due to fire or theft. Circus IT Ltd specializes in this type of data protection and this product, at approximately £40 per year represents very good value and everyone should use this service as a primary stand alone solution or as a secondary fail safe solution. For more information on this type of backup visit our dedicated online backup page here.

Traditional Backup techniques

The traditional data backup systems still provide a suitable solution, particularly in the case of very large amounts of data. Tapes drives for business can backup and restore considerably faster than over the internet. Flash drives and external hard drives can provide easy and relatively cheap backup methods but are not fail-safe and can fail. CD and DVD media are less popular now due to the cost and time taken to make the backups.

What happens when data is lost?

There are many causes of data loss, Sometimes its user error where files are deleted or a computer is wiped and recovered to factory settings without the user being fully aware that they may loose all of their data. The most common and costly form of data loss is from hard drive failure the types of which can be further categorized as:

  • Accidental user deletion of data
  • Logical drive structure errors
  • Read Write Head Failure (clicking hard drive)
  • PCB Faults Faults

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Data Recovery