Computer upgrades and custom builds

Increased speed and performance with some additional memory or a higher rated graphics card. Increased storage with a larger replacement hard drive or add functionality like wireless cards.

Fast and Easy Computer Upgrades

Some of the popular upgrades are:

  • CPU Upgrade. Mainly for desktop PC's, £45-£250 approx 1hr.
  • RAM Memory upgrades. The most common and cost effective upgrade for all computers, £15-£35 approx 1hr.
  • Graphics Card. For gaming or photo editing work, £35-£350 approx 1hr.
  • Wireless Network Card. Upgrade to Wireless "N" The fastest Wi Fi, £15-£35 approx 1hr.
  • Hard Drive space. Increase your storage space with a new larger hard drive, £30-£65 approx 1-2hrs.
Upgrade or Replace?

The decision to upgrade a computer or replace a computer can be tough. Computer prices have dropped a lot over the last few years but also so has peoples spending power. At Circus IT Ltd we have always provided non biased advice as to which direction to take. we never make a recommendation to a client based upon profit margins and this is part of the foundation of our customer service policy.

Before looking to upgrade

There is no point upgrading a computer if the performance has dropped due to software problems like:

  • Virus and spyware issues
  • Computer is junked up with old fragmented files
  • The problem started after adding a new piece of software or program
  • The computer is not closed in so much that it can not cool itself properly

You should only use about two thirds of your hard drive storage space. If you can see from the hard drive properties in "my computer" that you are running out of space try to delete any old unwanted programs or files. If you still need more space an upgrade is a good option. The old drive can be cloned to the new drive which is a quick process and often the new drive will have a faster transfer speed and larger cache which will improve the overall performance of the computer.

If you would like assistance with dealing with any of the issues please Contacts Us

Computer Upgrades