Virus and Spyware infection

Removal of spyware, root kits and "Fake" Antivirus malware. Commercial malware is on the increase but instead of causing damage to the computer it is hijacked and the user tricked into paying money.

Types of Malware

The umbrella term Malware encompasses many different threats. In the early days of viruses the aim of the virus creator was to spread his virus as quickly as possible and to cause as much damage as possible. There was not financial benefit to the virus producer but it did provide some kudos among the virus producing hierarchy. Today the threat has changed beyond recognition. Malware is identified into categories some of which have more detailed descriptions below.


A small piece of software is accidentally downloaded from the internet. It's purpose can be two fold. The first more sinister type of spyware records information on your computer or information that you enter into the computer via a key logger and then relays this information back to the spyware creator. The second type observes what you are looking for on the internet. The spyware will then produce popup adverts that correspond to what you have been searching for on the internet. The adverts appear to be coming from the internet but are in fact originating from your own PC. The purpose of this is financial gain for the spyware creator. If you click on one of the adverts and proceed to make a purchase often from a legitimate website the spyware creator receives a commission.


Adware is similar to spyware, in the less sinister respect. It sits on your computer and produces ads that appear to be coming from the internet.


This type of malware is often one of the most determined. It takes advantage of vulnerabilities in your internet browser. It can change you home page and also redirect you to websites that you do not want to navigate to. Its aim is financial as the creator will receive commission. on any purchases you make.

Fake Antivirus

Newest and most destructive of the malware threats. The program often accidentally downloaded by the user of the computer will take over the entire computer. Warning messages are displayed across the screen and use of the computer becomes impossible as the threat locks you out. The program which has the appearance of an antivirus program suggests you need to pay money, approx 30-50 euro's in order o fix your computer. This problem will get progressively worse and should be dealt with as quickly as possible.


The traditional virus does still exist although it is not as prominent. These viruses can manifest as a PC running slow or you hard drive being filled up without the user saving much data. They can spread quickly and through portable devices. Although not as troublesome as Fake Antivirus virus do still pose a significant threat.

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